Add the following weapons to the vehicle:

Weapon: Light repeating laser cannons (4 front-mounted, 1 to either side of the laser cannon, and 2 below the cockpit); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +2 (-2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire control); Damage: 1d10x4; Range: 100m.

Weapon: Shell launchers (6 front-mounted); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +0 (-2 size, +2 crew, +0 fire control); Damage: 3d10x6; Range: 100m.

The Baktoid Armor Workshop AAT-1 can be found in the Revised Rore Rulebook.

Vessel Speed Overall Sq/Action Source
Air-2 Racing Swoop   700 km/h 12 n/a
Aratech 74-Z speeder bike 210  500 km/h 9 AEG p73
Coruscant Air Taxi 80  191 km/h 3 RCRB p235
Coruscant Air Shuttlebus   400 km/h 7 n/a
Flurry II   750 km/h 13 n/a
Incom T-16 Airspeeder 350  1,175 km/h 20 ST p29
Incom T-47 Airspeeder 270  650 km/h 11 RCRB p235
Repulsorlift Service Platform   50 km/h 1 n/a
Razalon FC-20 speeder bike 270  650 km/h 11 AEG p75
Skyspeeder   350 km/h 6 n/a
Snowspeeder 460  1,100 km/h 18 RCRB p235
Shadow V Combat Airspeeder   800 km/h 13 n/a
STAP 125  300 km/h 5 SNCP
Storm IV Cloud Car 420
1,000 km/h 17 RCRB p237
Swoop   780 km/h 13 n/a
V-Wing Airspeeder  590 1,400 km/h 23 AEG p70
A Single Trooper Aerial Platform vehicle was designed to fulfill the needs for scouts and small strike forces. Much like the security version, the blue-marked droid pilot is also an alternate programming of the OOM officer droid. The droid has had the Point Blank Shot feat and Knowledge (tactics) replaced with Skill Emphasis (Pilot) and 2 cross-class points in Pilot, respectively. This provides a +5 modifier on the droid's Pilot checks.

Rothana engineers first saw the SPHA-T design put to the test at the Battle of Geonosis, where the heavy mobile artillery units were instrumental in breaking the lines of Separatist forces. Much larger and somewhat slower than its AT-TE walker cousin, the Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery -- Turbolaser walker is essentially an enormous gun mounted on a dozen articulated legs, giving it the appearance of a huge sand bug. Each SPHA-T carries one primary weapon and often a dozen smaller antipersonnel blaster cannons. The central weapon is usually a heavy turbolaser, although the walker's modular design also allows engineers to replace the turbolaser with an ion cannon, antivehicle blasters, or concussion missiles as mission profiles require.




To make room for the SPHA-T's robust power plant, turret hydraulics couldn't be incorporated into the design. Instead, the artillery piece rotates with its multiple legs. It takes one full round for the crew to turn the walker's cannon 90 degrees. The heavy turbolaser fires a steady stream of energy, which gives the crew a +4 circumstance bonus for the next attack against the same target hit on the previous turn (the target must have moved no further than 10 meters since it was last hit).

The SPHA-T's massive internal reactor can cause heavy collateral damage if the vehicle is destroyed. When an SPHA-T loses all hull points, the GM should roll a d20. If the result is 11 or higher, the reactor goes atomic. Damage to anyone inside the vehicle increases to double normal explosion damage, and the blast deals 4d10 points of energy damage to anything in a 20-meter radius (2d10 points of damage to anything between 20 and 60 meters away).

ship_grievousswheelbikeThis hybrid wheeled vehicle/walker is actually descended from the Banking Clan's Hailfire droids (see page 151 of Ultimate Adversaries), and the claws built into its wheel rim can inflict devastating damage when overrunning soft targets (+1 die of damage against droids, characters, and creatures during a ram attack). It also features four legs that enable it to easily jump and climb over obstacles. In fact, it can spend its entire walker movement (up to 8 meters per round) on a controlled jump, reducing falling damage or bypassing hazards completely. Switching between wheeled and walker mode is a free action, but only one such switch may be made during a single round.

Grievous's wheel bike was modified to mount a double laser cannon instead of a passenger seat, and he also typically an electrostaff on board.