The Force


If power corrupts, then one of the most dangerous aspects of harnessing the dark side of the Force is the temptation to continue to wield that power, letting it corrupt and twist one's identity. However, strong-willed, tranquil, and grounded characters may be able to avoid this temptation even when faced with the lures of the dark side.

In game terms, whenever a character commits a dark side transgression (see page 181 of the revised Star Wars Roleplaying Game rulebook), the character must make a Will save to avoid gaining a Dark Side Point. The base DC is set by the severity of the transgression:

Transgression DC
Minor 10
Common 15
Major 20

Add +5 to the DC if the character is tainted, because such characters are particularly vulnerable to the temptations of the dark side. (In contrast, dark characters are already corrupted, and light side characters have not yet tapped into the greater powers of the dark side and thus have not yet confronted these deeper temptations.)

This rule has the effect of making less experienced characters much more likely to succumb to the dark side, and their journey down that evil path accelerates substantially once they become tainted and truly begin to taste the power of the dark side. Still, even the most experienced Jedi Master can gain Dark Side Points from even the most minor transgression; after all, you always fail a saving throw by rolling a natural 1.

As with any optional rule, the GM is encouraged to adjust the saving throw DCs as she sees fit.