Special Abilities

Cost: 7

Description: Only a rare few are sensitive to the Force.
A character with this Special Ability starts the game with two Force Points.
A character without this Special Ability starts the game with one Force Points.
Force-sensitive characters feel the pull of both the light and the dark. They must be careful not to do evil or they risk being forever corrupted by the dark side.
Force-sensitive characters can't be as mercenary as Han Solo is at the beginning of A New Hope. They must be moral, honest and honorable, like Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, or the dark side will dominate them.

Guidelines for playing Force-sensitive characters are detailed in "The Rules" chapter.

The maximum rank for this ability is 1

Cost: 1

Description: The character looks much younger than she actually is and receives a +1D per rank to persuasion or con. In general, characters should not look more than 10 to 20 years younger than they are, regardless of the number of ranks, though gamemaster discretion and common sense should rule here.

Cost: 3

Description: The character can throw her voice up to three meters away per rank. No skill roll is required to do this, but if it is part of a trick attempt, she receives a +2D bonus per rank to con and persuasion rolls.

Cost: 2

Description: The character can breathe water and will not drown under water. She gains +1D per rank to all swim rolls because she doesn’t need to worry about drowning.

Cost: 3

Description: This Special Ability is similar to the Skill Bonus Special Ability in that some sort of bizarre ability gives the character added bonuses to certain actions. However, instead of selecting a group of skills that the character gains a bonus to, the player and the gamemaster work out circumstances where these abilities come into play. For instance, a character might gain a +1 bonus to all Dexterity-related skill totals when in sunlight.
A character may have several variations of this ability, reflecting different bonuses. Each variation could have several ranks, with the bonuses adding to each other.

Only non-force skills can be affected by this ability