The Chiss are a species of aliens hailing from the Unknown Regions, who have only begun to make themselves known in the New Republic. Perhaps it is due to the fact that their most famous member was Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, possibly the greatest tactical genius the Galaxy has ever known. Additionally, their aid against the Yuuzhan Vong has occasionally helped the New Republic stand on more even ground with the foes from outside the Galaxy. At least in the New Republic Navy, their combat and starfighter piloting skills have earned them respect and a well-deserved reputation.

Intelligent omnivores from the forest moon of Endor, Ewoks helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire in one of the most famous battles of the galactic civil war. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Ewoks were almost entirely unknown, although some traders had visited the planet prior to the Empire's second Death Star project.
Ewoks stand roughly one meter tall and are covered by thick fur; the pattern and color of Ewok fur varies widely. Individual Ewoks often wear hoods, decorative feathers and animal bones. They have very little technology and are a primitive culture, but during the Battle of Endor these diminutive warriors demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and follow commands (as well as displaying a fair amount of courage and resourcefulness).

Average Ewok. Dexterity 2D+2, Knowledge 1D, Mechanical 1D+2, Perception 3D, Strength 2D, Technical 1D+2.

Average Cerean. Dexterity 1D+1, Knowledge 2D+2, Mechanical 1D+2, Perception 2D+1, Strength 2D, Technical 2D.

Humans have dominated the Core Worlds for centuries, particularly the planet Coruscant. Humans dominate the Imperial military (which is not surprising, given the Emperor's prejudice against aliens), and can be found in virtually every corner of the galaxy.

Average Human. Dexterity 2D, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 2D, Perception 2D, Strength 2D, Technical 2D. Move: 10.

Average Geonosian Worker. Dexterity 2D, Knowledge 1D+1, Mechanical 1D+2, Perception 1D+2, Strength 2D+1, Technical 2D.